Our Approach to Supporting Modern Leadership for Effective Quality Assurance


Properly implemented quality management systems in Professional Higher Education institutions, allowing institutions to understand the requirements of all their stakeholders, including students, industry and society, and to design a mission, vision and strategy that addresses those requirements. The focus on organizational leadership is the surest way to stimulate meaningful and lasting change.


Develop training and resources for  institutional leaders in values and techniques that support a change in attitudes towards quality assurance from a compliance-focused mindset that focus on the needs of learners, enterprise and society.


  • Create a manual for Internal Quality Assurance – management in Professional Higher Education Institutions, focusing on implementation of quality-management methodologies in institutions;
  • Create a curriculum for a short, intensive course aimed at instructing institutional leaders on whole institution quality approaches;
  • Create an online set of instructional materials on whole-institution quality approaches
  • Run a first edition of a course for Professional Higher Education Institutions.