Skupnost VSŠ -Association of Slovene Higher Vocational Colleges

Who are we?

The Association HVC is a professional Association of Slovene Higher Vocational Colleges on the national level with 47 members (94% of all Slovene HVCs) all providing EQF level 5 as private or public providers. They offer 31 programs in 28 locations across Slovenia (120 ECTS). Our members do not only provide higher vocational education programs, but also contribute to the field of applied research and professional studies as well as directly to the development of local communities and regions. Our advantage is that 40% of curricula are provided as an in company work based learning and the teaching staff requirements demand up to date professional experience and knowledge from the field of work as well as pedagogical and andragogical competencies. In doing so we ensure up to date theoretical and lab education and training at the institution facilities and then in company monitored and guided placements with certified and qualified mentors. Our values are QUALITY – INNOVATION and ENTREPRENEURSHIP – RESPONSIBILITY – RESPECT.

Why we are Participating in the Project

As a properly implemented quality management system allows institutions to understand the requirements of all its stakeholders, including students, industry and society, and then to design a mission, vision and strategy that addresses those requirements, our main intended impact from QA-Lead is to change attitudes towards quality assurance from a compliance-focused mindset that focus on the needs of learners, enterprise and society, and through that empower our members’ top management with adequate tools and know-how.

Our Role in the Project

Our role is:

  • To contribute constructively as a reliable project partner of QA-Lead to content development of Outputs 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • To actively engage our members’ top management staff
  • To lead Output 4
  • To organize a partner meeting M3
  • To organise a Multiplier event E2
  • To engage 5 institutional leaders to participate in a Short-time joint staff training event
  • To disseminate the progress of QA-Lead on national level throughout the PHE institutions and stakeholders
  • To disseminate the progress of QA-Lead on international level

Our Team

Alicia-Leonor Sauli-Miklavčič

Alicia-Leonor Sauli-Miklavčič

Head of Development, Researcher

Alicia is an experienced project manager and a board member of EURASHE, a EURASHE representative in the providers’ expert group and EQF Advisory Group of the European Commission, the EAfA and VET4EU2. She is experienced in the field of cooperation among stakeholders (institutions, employers, authorities, students, quality assurance agencies …).

Jasmina Poličnik

Jasmina Poličnik

Secretary General, Researcher

Jasmina manages project documentation and is experienced in project managing under Central European programmes, ESSR founds, Norway grants and Erasmus+. She has years of experiences as a consultant for regional cooperation. She works as Secretary General at the Association HVC and researcher on development of PHE in Slovenia and abroad.

Miha Zimšek

Miha Zimšek

Project Officer, Researcher

Miha is experienced in entrepreneurship, project management and analysis support national and international projects. He coordinated, managed and was a researcher in many projects concerning VET, entrepreneurship, civic education and work-based learning and youth mobility, and is research consultant for a partner of Slovenian Erasmus+ Youth in Action National Agency.