Often top management staff of Professional Higher Education Institutions, while having significant expertise as to what constitutes quality education, will have never received any formal training in Quality Management and limited expertise in how to translate their mission and vision into a well-functioning Quality Assurance system.

Therefore, despite efforts to the contrary, often quality assurance is reduced to a ‘commitment to quality culture’ supported by a bureaucratic and time-consuming set of checks.

The QA Lead project aimed to address this gap by developing training & resources specifically tailored to supporting institutional leaders in their strategic role towards Quality Assurance.

The purpose of the publication is to complement the various QA-Lead outputs, by providing further input on how to implement a comprehensive quality management system within professional higher education institutions.

The intention is therefore to provide the reader with:

(1) templates and sample supporting materials to the QA-Lead outputs;

(2) the relation and applicability of the QA-Lead outputs to achieving the
requirements of quality schemes;

(3) feedback from the participants of the QA-Lead Online Course, Learning and
Teaching Activity and Institutional Dry-Testingy;

(4) resources to the QA-Lead outputs.