Internal Quality Assurance Manual for Institutional Leaders

The purpose of the manual is to complement the various quality systems which apply to Professional Higher Education, by giving advice on how to implement a comprehensive quality management system within professional higher education institutions.

The intention of the manual is therefore to give guidelines as how to:

(1) identify the mission and define a shared vision of quality within the institution;

(2) identify the organizational culture – beliefs and values – of the institution;

(3) use quality principles and the organizational culture as a base to establish a quality policy;

(4) unfold the quality policy statements into concrete objectives with deadlines and plan the activities and associated responsibilities and resources needed to achieve them;

(5) establish indicators and use them to monitor and measure the achievement of those objectives;

(6) make improvements based on the results of monitoring and measuring activities.

The Manual responds to the needs and barriers raised from different EU stakeholders detected in online research conducted in initial phase of the project.